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We all come to this world to be tourists, enjoy life, go sightseeing, do good deeds!


Give your brain a vacation!
We take the planning out of your hands so you can sit back and enjoy the ride!
Hotels, attractions, and buses are all taken care of by us; taking away the headache and hassle of arranging accommodations, coordinating your time, and getting to see attractions the attractions you want. This will help you save time on planning your vacation. Simply show up and we will take you there!

Every new friend is a new adventure!
Whether you are traveling with a companion or solo, you will not be alone. You will meet new people who already have something in common with you… The love of travel!
You all packed your bags and brought your smiles, ready to enjoy a vacation together. You will meet people from different towns, or perhaps who even went to that same high school as you. We have found our customers sometimes meet others who went to the same high school, lived in the same town, or know the same people.
Going on a tour is a great way to meet new friends and travel buddies for future tours.

The wheels on the bus go round and round
No need for you to drive, look at maps, or worry about bad drivers. You can sit back and relax, read a book, knit, work on a puzzle, play games on your iPad, or engage in games hosted by your experienced Tour Director! On the bus, your Tour Director will select fun group activities like bingo, horse races, or scavenger hunts. They will also play movies, music and offer tidbits of information as you pass by places of interest.

Different strokes for different folks
There are bus tours to support a variety of needs. Some love casino tours, where you can stay at comfortable hotels with the slots at your doorstep, ready to play and win the big one! Others like to engage in history and culture, like our Historic Cities or Atlantic Canada tours. These tours are packed with city tours, museums, monuments, and old world culture filled with Canadian History!
Others may prefer the scenic route and travel through the Rockies, or venture into the Okanagan. On these tours, you can sit back and enjoy the beauty passing you by! Check out waterfalls, orchards, wine tastings, boat tours, and a little museum time to learn more about the area.
We have short 4-day tours or longer 20-day tours where we take you down to Mesa and Palm Springs. Take these opportunities to escape the harsh, cold Alberta winters.
Take a look through our brochure and you are sure to find something that will peak your interest!

Travel is the only thing you buy, that makes you richer!
The cost of gas, rooms, meals, attractions, shopping, and other expenses can add up. Save money with a group tour – you are paying group rates for all of the above! The only thing you need to budget on is meals (not included in tour packages), little extras you may fancy, or how many souvenirs you want to take back home!

Let your memory be your travel bag
A vacation is simply that. You will make memories exploring, meeting new people, and just getting away from the routine of life. It’s a great way to take photos of your new adventures, make jokes, learn new ones, and create lasting memories. They say travel makes you wiser and young at heart – we can all use a little more of both in our lives!

Bryon Steinwand

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