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Highlights of the Deadwood Tour

June 8, 2017

Highlights of the Deadwood Tour

Deadwood Tour
February 24th, 2017 by Gayle Jung

A great piece of American History.

Deadwood was named after the dead trees found in its gulch, not an exciting story, but what comes after the naming of this illegal settlement, is stuff of stories and legends.
The land was originally granted to Lakota Natives under the Treaty of Laramie. Disputes came forward to the Supreme court but gold was found and priorities changed, making Deadwood known as the lawless town.
Here you will go back to the old west and visit this once booming mining town. Men traveled to Deadwood with dreams of hitting it big in the gold mines. And with that came prolific figures who made their mark long after the mines closed. Wild Bill, Wyatt Earp, Calamity Jane, Seth Bullock and Crazy Horse. Their lives live on in monuments, stories and the hearts of the locals.

Charming Town.

The rough and tumble town is no longer but you can feel and see the charm of the old west in the buildings. Take walks along the street, shop in boutiques, indulge in local fare and spot all the tributes to Wild Bill. He was Deadwoods most famous resident and you can find his likeness in signs, statues and posters through out the town. Have fun taking in that old town feel, steps away from your hotel.

Historic Monuments.

We will take you on a locally guided tour of both Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse.
Mount Rushmore National Memorial, is one of the United States most recognizable and popular landmarks. Tourist from around the world travel to see it and families drive long hours with their kids, to give them an up close and personal history lesson.

They wanted to promote tourism in South Dakota and so hired sculptor Gutson Borglum to take on the task of carving prolific figures of American history into the mountain of granite. Mount Rushmore is listed in the National Register of Historic Records and attracts over 2 million visitors annually.

The Crazy Horse memorial was commissioned by Henry Standing Bear to honor the North American Native Heritage. The memorial is still under construction and intends to depict the Lakota warrior Crazy Horse, riding on a horse and pointing into the distance. A monument (once completed) is to set the record of largest sculpture in the world.
With these two great sites to behold, it would make an excellent learning experience and great pictures for the photo album


You got history, old west legends and big monuments to see!
But don’t forget the gambling fun! And of course, why not at the Mineral Palace, with a history that begins back in the early days of Deadwood. They have over 320 slots machines and the progressive slots have a 95% pay out! And if you prefer card games, they have great Black Jack tables, try your luck and come back home with money in your pockets. The free slot and black jack tournaments will stir the gambler in you and have you singing Kenny Rogers on the way home.

Short but Sweet Getaway.

This is a great tour to get away for a while and enjoy spring in South Dakota. Sit back and take in the scenery passing by. Watch the driver wash the bus and smile, knowing you got to skip out of washing the mud splash, off your car for 7 days! Take great pictures, meet new friends or catch up with old. We have many who love to return on this tour and take it easy.
Spend all 7 days gambling or take day tours to see the sights, how you want to spend your time, is totally up to you!