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Q&A about bus tours

September 4, 2017

Question: Are your tours all casino tours?
Answer: Absolutely not. In fact, most of our tours are not Casino tours. Although in many instances we may stay at a hotel Casino en-route. As we try and fill your day with activities we will try and stay places where there is something for you to enjoy in the evenings, Casinos, places with shopping nearby, or scenic areas are common overnight stays so you have something to do on your free time.

Question: Will I receive a discount if it’s a late booking while you’re trying to fill seats on the bus?
Answer: No. In fact, if we do not have enough customers around 45 days prior to departure we may have to cancel the trip. Many hotels for group reservations require our final numbers for rooms 45 days before arrival. If we can’t fill our quota we can’t achieve our group rates and may have to cancel the tour.

Question: Will I lose my deposit if Promotion Tours cancels their trip? And what if I cancel it?
Answer: Absolutely not. If Promotion Tours cancels a tour for whatever reason your deposit, or full payment if you have made it, is 100% fully refundable to you. Also, if you cancel before 45 days of the trip your money is 100% refundable as well so there is no worry about booking early.

Question: Do I need travel insurance?
Answer: We always suggest you purchase travel insurance in case something happens before or while on the tour. In Canada, your medical is covered in all provinces other than Quebec. But cancelation and trip interruption insurance is something we suggest you purchase, as we will not be able to refund your money if you happen to cancel after 45 days before the trip.