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New General Terms and Conditions

November 6, 2018

General Terms & Conditions
Section 1: Reservations and Payments
I. To secure a seat on this tour, Promotion Tours requires a(n) $x deposit per person due at the time of booking unless otherwise specified ($x deposit is specific to the tour)
II. Payments accepted by Promotion Tours exclusively include: Visa, MasterCard, Debit, Cash, Money Orders, or Personal Checks
II-A. With payment by Credit Card, verbal authorization given by the customer to Promotion Tours for the use of their card confirms the reservation booking as well as the right to proceed with payment
II-A1. Upon request, Promotion Tours may require the customer to stipulate in writing that their Credit Card may be used without the cardholder’s signature
II-B. Checks and money orders must be made payable to Promotion Tours
II-B1. All NSF checks will incur a $50.00 charge
II-C. If your payment is mailed in, we require a note stating the tour name, departure date, and your name and phone number
IV. The trip must be paid in full x days prior to the departure of the trip (x days is specific to the tour)
IV-A. Cancellation before this period stipulates a guaranteed refund in full to the payee
IV-B. If cancelation by the customer occurs after this stipulated period, Promotion Tours is not liable to refund any payments made to them by the payee
V. Last minute reservations are typically accepted up to three business days prior to departure, depending on space availability, at the discretion of Promotion Tours
V-A. Availability for tours will be checked ONLY if a guaranteed payment has been received by Promotion Tours in one of the specified forms mentioned under Section 1: II
V-B. Last minute reservations may incur additional charges if standard rooms, flights or event tickets are no longer available
VI. Promotion Tours may necessitate the cancelation of a tour due to lack of sales, sudden unavailability of an advertised facility, or other unusual circumstances pertaining to the fulfillment of the trip
VI-A. If a tour is cancelled, customers will be notified in advance and an alternate date for the tour, if available, will be recommended
VI-B. If the recommended date or tour is not acceptable, Promotion Tours will refund all monies paid by the customer in full, and this shall be deemed full settlement
VI-C. Promotion Tours cannot be held liable for any extra lodging required due to weather related conditions or natural disaster
VII. Any physical or verbal abuse or inappropriate actions towards any Promotion Tours employee or contractor by a customer, passenger or any other persons dealing with Promotion Tours will not be tolerated and immediate cancellation of their booking without refund will be initiated and a written cancellation will be mailed to the individual. Promotion Tours will not allow any other dealings with this individual and they will not be allowed any future bookings. Section 4. IV

Section 2: Pricing
I. Pricing is based upon cost and conditions in effect at the time of printing and are subject to change at the discretion of Promotion Tours
I-A. Promotion Tours reserves the right to apply a surcharge to the price of any tour should it be deemed necessary, without notice
I-B. Tour rates are based upon the prices of service providers, exchange rates, the cost of fuel, taxes, and other fees in force at the time of preparation of the product’s description
I-B1. Tour rates include: motor coach transportation, accommodations including taxes, luggage handling where noted, Driver, services of Tour Director on guided tours, listed sightseeing admissions, and any listed meal inclusions with tax and gratuity
I-B2. Tour rates do not include: personal expenses, telephone and data port charges at hotels, luggage handling or meals unless otherwise specified, gratuities to service personnel, and optional excursions
II. All prices quoted are per person in the denomination of Canadian Dollars unless otherwise specified
II-A. Prices do not include GST on any overnight accommodations within Canada

Section 3: Travel & Accommodation
I. Group bookings on any tour, or requesting a customized tour is acceptable, and Promotion Tours will do everything within their ability to accommodate I-A A group is considered 10 passengers or more (min. 5 rooms)
I-B. Groups must pay deposit to hold spots on tour at time of booking.
I-C. No spots will be held without a deposit for each passenger
I-D. A group needs a leader for contact with Promotion Tours
I-E. Leaders must obtain all required information for their group and submit to Promotion Tours 50 days prior to departure date or specific to the tour. Group list must be in formats required by Promotion Tours, typed or written legibly.
I-F. Deposits will be forfeited if cancellations after 45 days prior to departure or specific to the tour
I-G. Full payment is required 45 days prior to departure or specific to the tour with finalized group list
II. Rooms are assigned by the utilized hotel in an impartial fashion
II-A. Room preferences (smoking or non-smoking) must be requested in advance, and are dependent on room availability provided to Promotion Tours
II-B. Hotels do their best to accommodate requests, however cannot be guaranteed
II-B1. It is the responsibility of the traveler to inform Promotion Tours of any pertinent allergies or special needs to ensure requests are prioritized
III. All rooms are booked on a one or two bed basis III-A. Cots are available upon request at some hotels (extra charges may apply)
IV. Promotion Tours is limited as to the number of single travelers that can be accommodated on each tour
IV-A. Hotel rates are per room and as a result, per person prices for rooms are higher than to those whom opt to share a room
IV-B. Upon reservation, single travelers may request a travelling companion on a share basis and Promotion Tours will do what is possible to accommodate
V. Any persons with disabilities are more than welcome to travel with Promotion Tours, granted that the person always has a capable travelling companion to assist them.
V-A. Promotion Tours must be notified of any disabilities at the time of reservation
V-B. Promotion Tours does host tours that may pose a challenge to those with disabilities. It is the responsibility of a disabled traveler to ensure they have a companion that is able-bodied to assist them in the circumstance that they partake in these tours
V-B1. Promotion Tours is not responsible for the inability of passengers to partake in activities due to their disability, nor liable for the safety or health effects of said passenger by travelling, engaging in activities, or otherwise
V-B2. It is the responsibility of the traveler to understand their disability and its effects on mobility, ability, and other factors that may pose a risk or challenge to their personal health and safety
V-C. Any person with medication is expected to have them readily available at all times in case of emergency
VI. Promotion Tours is required by law to abide by the DOT drivers’ hours of service regulations
VI-A. As pertaining to this, Promotion Tours may not be able to depart from any area other than listed, regular departure points
VI-B. Time and place of departure will be provided in passengers’ pre-departure documents.
VI-B1 Pick up location can not be changed any later than 7 days prior to the tour departure. If in the event you miss your pick up due to not notifying the Promotion Tours office 7 days prior, Promotion Tours is not in any way liable for your tour costs or costs to meet up with the tour.
VI-C. It is the responsibility of the passenger to arrange transportation to and from departure points, as well as any expenses incurred in doing so
VII. Identification is required for all trips and it is the responsibility of the passenger to obtain proper documentation for any and all travel
VII-A. Canadian citizens require a valid passport for travel outside of Canada and it is the passenger’s responsibility to ensure their travel document does not expire within 6 weeks of returning to the country
VII-B. Citizens of other countries, or other landed immigrants are responsible for checking with their respective foreign consulate for entry requirements
VIII. Promotion Tours is not responsible for passengers that are turned away or detained at the border for any reason, and will not refund tour fees under any circumstances
VIII-A. If a passenger is turned away at the border, it is their own responsibility to arrange transportation home at their own expense
VIII-B. If a passenger is detained or refused entry into a country for smuggling goods, or violating national law, it is the passenger’s responsibility to find appropriate legal representation at their own expense, as well as transportation home
IX. All documents pertaining to a passenger’s tour are sent to them or their travel agent ONLY after full payment is received, approximately 2 to 4 weeks prior to departure
IX-A. Passengers that have made reservations seven business days prior to departure with payment made in full have the exclusive options of receiving documents by email, from the Tour Director/Driver when boarding, or by express mail at a charge of $25.00
X. Seating is subject to availability, and is based on a first-come, first-served basis
X-A. In the case of single passengers travelling, they will be required to share a row with others and to alternate between aisle and window seat as per days of travel unless an agreement is made between the two parties. Single travellers do not get a separate row of seats to themselves.
X-B. On tours with multiple travel days, a seat rotation system is utilized to ensure fairness and comfort for all passengers
XI. All passengers are limited to one large suitcase per person, and handling will be included or not as per conditions under Section 2: I-B1 & I-B2.
XI-A. All luggage must be tagged with special Promotion Tours baggage tag for easier handling at hotels, and to assist the Driver
XI-A1. Baggage tags will be forwarded to passengers along with their tour documents
XI-B. A small, soft-sided carry-on bag is permitted on board if carried by the passenger (a maximum of 16”x12”x8”)
XI-B1. For the passenger’s convenience, it is recommended to keep the size and weight of a carry-on bag to a minimum
XI-B2. Roll on bags designed for air travel use will not fit into the motor coach above head compartment
XI-C. Promotion Tours cannot be held liable or responsible for any loss of, or damage to luggage while not in its care
XI-D. Promotion Tours cannot be held liable or responsible for any loss, delay, or damage to breakable or perishable items, medicine, or any other valuables
XI-E. Promotion Tours cannot be held liable for property left unattended in the passenger compartment of the coach, during, or at the conclusion of the tour
XI-E1. It is the passenger’s responsibility to understand their luggage and property are transported, handled, and stored at their own risk at all times
XI-F. Luggage size limits are 32” high, 20” wide, and 12” deep, and regardless of size, must not exceed 50lbs. XI-F1. Overweight luggage may be subject to an additional charge
XI-G. When crossing the U.S. border, luggage may be requested for security checks by a border agent. Promotion Tours suggests not locking your luggage on days when crossing borders to avoid delays, refusal of entry, or detention. Those who are refused or detained are subject to the condition under Section 3: VIII
XII. Promotion Tours cannot be held liable or responsible for any accident or mishap occurring on any optional excursion, and/or any other activities in which the customer participates under their own free will
XIII. Promotion Tours cannot be held liable for the quality of activities and/or services of excursions, optional tours, activities, extras, and others that are available at destinations and not included in the tour package; nor for the representation by the operator of these activities and/or services
XIII-A. Any written or oral contracts for such activities shall be deemed to be made between the customer and the operator of the chosen activity and/or service and shall be made at the customer’s own risk of loss, damage, or injury
XIII-B. Promotion Tours shall not be held liable or responsible in any manner for complaints or claims that may arise as a result of participation in such activities and/or services offered by third parties over whom Promotion Tours has no control
XIV. Passengers are expected to wear their name badge at all times during your coach tour to help the Tour Director, Driver, hotel, restaurant, and casino staffs acknowledge the passenger as part of the tour group XIV-A. Name badges will be received upon boarding the motor coach
XIV-B. Passengers are required to wear their name badge on casino tours in order to use coupon packages offered
XV. It is an expectation of the passengers to clean up any waste they may create while aboard the motor coach
XV-A. Snacks and drinks are permitted on board, assuming they are carried in a container with a secure lid and are disposed of or stored in a tidy fashion after consumption
XV-A1. Federal law prohibits alcohol and smoking onboard the motor coach
XV-B. For the safety and comfort of those with allergies, dairy, shelled products, and takeout meals are not permitted on board
XV-B1. In light of this, it is also asked of passengers to refrain from the use of scented cologne or perfume on coach travel days for the comfort and safety of those with allergies
XVI. Promotion Tours hotel ratings follow standards set by the independent Official Hotel Guide, and provincial or state tourist boards
XVI-A. If for any reason it becomes necessary to use a hotel not listed on the tour pages, the replacement will be of equivalent standard
XVI-A1. An updated accommodations directory will be included in the passengers’ tour documents

Section 4: Disclaimers
I. It is highly recommended that passengers do not travel outside of Alberta without adequate out-of-province health insurance, medical insurance, cancellation, and luggage insurance
I-A. Promotion Tours is not responsible for refunding any monies paid to them in the event of an incident; it is the sole responsibility of the passenger to have had adequate coverage if they wish to be refunded their money and only their insurance provider is responsible for this action
II. Casinos have the right to change value packages without notice; Promotion Tours cannot be held liable or responsible for the actions of their suppliers II-A. The legal gambling ages of provinces or states applies on all tours
III. Promotion Tours reserves the right to make changes to tour itineraries before, or during any and all tours, as deemed necessary to preserve the safety, comfort, and welfare of all passengers
III-A. Local holidays may influence the operation of planned facilities visits. In this instance, Promotion Tours will make the proper adjustments to the itinerary to ensure minimal inconvenience
III-B. All arrival and departure times are approximate and given in local time
IV. Promotion Tours reserves the right to terminate the trip at any point, for any member, whose inappropriate actions or are deemed not well enough or conduct adversely affect others, including passengers, employees of Promotion Tours, motor coach Drivers, or the employees of any establishments visited during the tour
IV-A. In the event of trip termination, Promotion Tours will not be held liable for refunding of unused portions of the tour, nor will they be responsible or liable for any expense incurred by the passenger in their efforts to return home
V. Promotion Tours reserves the right to decline or accept any person requesting a tour package
VI. Promotion Tours is not liable or responsible for any loss, damage, upset, disappointment, distress, frustration, physical injury, mental distress, or death, occurring as a result of government action, acts of God or terror, late arrivals, missed connections, and other factors beyond the direct control of Promotion Tours
VII. Promotion Tours strictly complies with principles of confidentiality with respect to customer’s personal information in accordance with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act.
VII-A. All personal information provided is used strictly for organizing travel plans, and this purpose only.
VII-B. Promotion Tours does not sell, nor do they give away personal information, postal or email addresses to any persons or entities for any reason
VIII. Although Promotion Tours takes great care in the production of catalogues, online publications, advertisements, and other sources of information or media; illustrative, typographical, or pricing errors may occur
VIII-A. Promotion Tours reserves the right to correct any errors without recriminations
IX. All travel documents for tour services issued by Promotion Tours are subject to the terms and conditions specified by the supplier and Promotion Tours
IX-A. Promotion Tours cannot be held liable or responsible for the acts, omissions, or failure to uphold the terms and conditions provided by any contracted vendor utilized on tours or anyone other than Promotion Tours own employees
IX-B. Promotion Tours is responsible, and only responsible, for the acts, omissions, and failures to uphold their own terms and conditions specified previous by their own employees
IX-C. By agreeing to utilize the services of Promotion Tours by deposit or payment for a specific tour, the passenger agrees that it is a condition of participation that they do so at their own risk
IX-D. No person other than a representative of Promotion Tours, authorized by written document, may vary, add, or waive, the terms and conditions on a described tour or the aforementioned terms and conditions
IX-E. Written notice of any claim against Promotion Tours must be received no later than fourteen days after the date that services were provided to the passenger
IX-F. All terms and conditions, schedules, and rates are subject to change without prior notice
X. All terms and conditions aforementioned and including are applied