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Mystery Tour (Guaranteed)

Mystery Tour (Guaranteed)

A mystery tour for those who like to go with the flow of life and be pleasantly surprised!
But we do have some hints:
Yes, The boss has taken care of everything for you, including gratuity for guide, driver and all meals.
All you need to bring is some pocket money for all those souvenirs you plan to buy!
Now that we have taken that load off you.

And you get passes to all events & attractions!
There is also a special ceremony, complete with a complimentary souvenir to take home.
(You must be registered and paid 45 days in advance to qualify for personalized souvenir)

What’s the ceremony about?? You will just have to come a long to find out!!

You can call and try to bribe us for more information with donuts and money…but we pinky swear, not to tell.

This tour does not travel into the United States, so no passport is required.

Pick ups:
Sherwood Park -Super 8, 26 Strathmore Drive.
St.Albert Inn
Super 8 – 3610 Gateway Blvd.
Leduc- Royal Executive Inn.
Red Deer – Radisson
Airdrie – McDonalds

Tour Details by Day

Day 1 – Day 1

Today we start on our journey towards the unknown.

There will be break stops a long the way, Lunch & Dinner paid for.
Attractions paid for.
Special ceremony with gift!

Something else planned but its a secret ;)

Day 2 – Day 2

Today we continue on with the Mystery & Fun.
Lots planned out and the following are paid for:

Attractions paid for

Day 3 – Day 3

Last Day! but we still have some fun stuff planned out!

Breakfast and Lunch are paid for.
Attractions paid for.

By now, the mystery is gone and you are ready to head home.
Talk with fellow passengers about the great times you had, collect bets and wonder what we will plan next year!