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Mystery 3 but where will it be?
Its 4 days of fun we will be on the run
Just hop on the bus and come with us.
You won’t need a passport
And we definitely won’t teleport
You can help but gaze at the scenery which will amaze.

What else can I say? You only get this corny rhyme to decide if you want to book your time.

Tour Details by Day

Day 1 – Mystery Monday

We will pick you up today and head for our destination.

About the only thing I can tell you is it would be an excellent idea for you to bring along your bathing suit.

Day 2 – Mystery Tuesday

Well what can we tell you. We will change Hotels today.
We will have a blast. Your attractions are included.
As well as your supper.

Day 3 – Mystery Wednesday

Breakfast is included and we will be staying at this hotel another night..
Two attractions are included today as well as a boxed lunch.

Day 4 – Mystery Thursday

Breakfast is included today.
But our fun is not done.
Along our route home we have another exciting attraction for you as well as another boxed lunch
Be prepared to be entertained as well as informed.