I am a single traveler, do I get a bus row to myself?2020-01-09T10:07:56-07:00

As a single traveler, you are still only paying for 1 seat on the coach, therefore you may have someone seated beside you on the coach.

Can I request a certain seat on the coach?2020-01-09T10:07:32-07:00

In most cases, the coach seating is done in priority sequence as to booking order. Booking early means you will be at the front of the coach. Some seating requests may be accommodated due to health reasons if possible.

Should I get medical or cancellation insurance?2020-01-09T10:07:18-07:00

This is a personal choice, but it is recommended, as with all types of travel, that you have adequate medical insurance and trip cancellation in case of injury or illness. Promotion Tours cancellation policy varies dependant on the tour, but in general is 90 days before for flights and event tickets and 45 days for other tours. After these dates, we will not refund any portion of your tour cost.

Why is a tour not guaranteed and why should I book before it is guaranteed?2020-01-09T10:07:07-07:00

To guarantee a tour, we must reach minimum numbers of passengers that have paid a deposit before the date we have to cancel accommodations or events. This is usually 45 days prior to departure. If we don’t receive the minimum number, the trip will be canceled. Waiting to book your spot until the trip is guaranteed usually causes the tour to be canceled. In many cases, the tour could have gone if everyone that was waiting for it to be guaranteed had actually left their refundable deposit.

How soon should I book my tour?2020-01-09T10:06:53-07:00

You should book your tour as soon as you know you want to go. Most of our tours have a cancellation policy that allows you to cancel up to 45 days prior to the tour departure without penalty. Exceptions to this are any tour with air flights or event tickets.

Will I receive a discount if it’s a late booking while you’re trying to fill seats on the bus?2020-01-09T10:06:18-07:00

No. In fact, if we do not have enough customers around 45 days prior to departure we may have to cancel the trip. Many hotels for group reservations require our final numbers for rooms 45 days before arrival. If we can’t fill our quota we can’t achieve our group rates and may have to cancel the tour.

Are your tours all casino tours?2020-01-09T10:06:05-07:00

Absolutely not. In fact, most of our tours are not Casino tours. Although in many instances we may stay at a hotel Casino en-route. As we try and fill your day with activities we will try and stay places where there is something for you to enjoy in the evenings, Casinos, places with shopping nearby, or scenic areas are common overnight stays so you have something to do on your free time.

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